Halloween Moon Rising Soon!

The next book to be released by Long Lost Friend Studio will be Wish On A Halloween Moon : An inky story for October by Vince Dorse.


Much like Untold Tales of Bigfoot, Wish On A Halloween Moon began as an experiment. Every year, during the month of October, people all over the world commit to doing one ink drawing a day as part of the Inktober challenge. In 2014, Vince played along, deciding on a theme of cute/creepy, middle-school monsters and posted them daily on social media.

But just drawing monsters wasn’t enough. So Vince added a short, narrative verse to accompany each illustration. And, as October rolled along, the daily posts were strung together into a simple children’s story that culminated on Halloween.

But Twitter and Facebook posts can scroll by in a heartbeat, and the original drawings would never realize their full potential stored in the dark recesses of the flat file drawers. So work began this year on a printed version that readers could hold in their hands.

The original art was scanned at high-resolution, the text was set, and the pages were laid out. The book is being printed locally, in Pittsburgh, and is very near completion. The proofs look good — nice, crisp blacks on bright, white, matte paper.

Vince will be promoting Wish On A Halloween Moon at conventions and book fairs this year. And part of the promotion will be color prints of some of the book’s pages.

The release date for Wish On A Halloween Moon has yet to be officially announced, but it should be sometime in the Spring of 2017. Watch this site and the @LLFStudio and @VinceDorse feeds on Twitter for news and updates.


Untold Tales Of Bigfoot Now Available In Print!

I’m happy to announce the award-winning online comic, Untold Tales Of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths, has been officially released in paperback and is now available as a 140-page graphic novel!


This First Edition (paperback with French-fold cover) includes a foreword by author Matthew Cody (Supers of Nobles Green Trilogy, The Peddler’s Road, Remade), and afterword by creator Vince Dorse that includes production sketches and a history of the comic.


Untold Tales Of Bigfoot is an all-ages adventure about a lost dog named Scout and a lonesome Bigfoot. Copies of the book for Kickstarter backers are now being prepped for shipping, but if you missed out on the campaign you can still purchase copies of the book in the Vince Dorse Online Shop.


If you enjoy the book, make sure to tell a friend (and your local library). We’d love to help Bigfoot and Scout find a large family of readers.


As an added bonus, all books in this first shipment of Untold Tales Of Bigfoot will be signed by the author, with an accompanying ink sketch.