Untold Tales of Bigfoot Nominated for Another NCS Reuben!


Untold Tales of Bigfoot has been nominated by the National Cartoonists Society for a Silver Reuben in the Online Comics: Long Form division. This is is Bigfoot and Scout’s third nomination (they won in 2013).

The Untold Tales of Bigfoot graphic novel, Crossing Paths (Long Lost Friend Studio’s first release), was the happy result of a well-received online comic (it garnered two Reuben nominations and a win). And while I’ve been busy this last year promoting the printed book at conventions, I’ve tried to keep the online comic going with shorter, self-contained story arcs that fit into the larger story — little mini-adventures and two-pagers that follow Bigfoot and Scout on their continuing quest. It’s these new, online comics that earned the Reuben nom this year, and it’s an honor to be recognized alongside some other very talented creators.

The 72nd Annual Reuben Awards Weekend is May 25th-27th in Philadelphia, PA. Whether we win the prize or not, it is always a sincere pleasure to spend the weekend hanging out with some of the funniest, creative people I know. -v

New York Comic Con Appearance! October 5 thru 8, 2017


Just a reminder that I’ll be at New York Comic Con this week, sitting in at the National Cartoonists Society table (Booth #2058) with a bunch of other cartoonists. I’ll have my books (Untold Tales of Bigfoot, Wish On A Halloween Moon, Phoebe And Beeswax) and my sketchbook (in case anyone would like to request a doodle). Stop by and say hi. Days and times (and accompanying cartoonists) listed below:

Thursday, Oct. 5, 1-4: I’ll be there with the inimitable Ed Steckley and the always charming Bob Hall!

Saturday, Oct. 7, 1-4: I’ll be there with the cosmopolitan Jason Chatfield and the legendary Arnold Roth!

Sunday, Oct. 8 (Kids’ Day!), 130-5: It’ll be me and the mysterious MA Case.

I’m also scheduled for a demo at the WACOM booth on Friday, October 6th, around 1-ish, but those things often shift around slightly due to schedules changing up to the last minute. So that’s just a heads up. See you in NY!

Baltimore Comic Con Appearance! September 22 thru 24, 2017


Just a quick note to let you know Bigfoot & Scout, Phoebe & Beeswax, and the Halloween Moon gang will all be represented at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend!

3books_dorseStop by Table A233 to chat with me, pick up any of the three Long Lost Friend Studio titles, as well as related merchandise and some fun freebies! Baltimore Comic Con is being held in the Baltimore Convention Center, and tickets are still available.

Minding My Own Beeswax

What happens when your teacher springs a last-minute talent showcase on the class and you have no idea what your talent is? Ask your cat for help, of course.


Phoebe and Beeswax: There’s No Beeswax Like Show Beeswax is the latest offering from Vince Dorse and Long Lost Friend Studios. It’s a 32-page, full-color story of Phoebe, who is dreading tomorrow’s lesson plan. Her teacher has announced a talent showcase, and Phoebe’s convinced she has no talent.


Luckily, she’s got her cat (and good friend), Beeswax to lean on for support. A confident feline, Beeswax is certain that if they work together, they can figure out what Phoebe’s talent is before the night is over.


Phoebe and Beeswax: There’s No Beeswax Like Show Beeswax is sort of a hybrid — laid out a bit like a children’s book, some pages have very sparse (or no) background art, and feature just a single character, expressing a simple thought. While other pages are stacked with comic book panels and sequential action.


The idea for the book began as an experiment with black-and-white mini-comics. A simple story in a simple format. But as it progressed, it became apparent that the characters and backgrounds would benefit greatly from a splash of color. And, so, the b/w mini-comic blossomed into a full-color, full-sized kid-lit story in comic book format.


Phoebe and Beeswax is an all-ages story that mixes laughs, action, and heart to explore the concepts of talent, perseverance, and friendship. The comic debuts at Baltimore Comic Con, Sept. 22-24 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Visit Table A-233 to pick up a copy.

Independent Publisher Medal Arrives

Back in April, I mentioned here on the blog that Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths won a bronze medal at the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards. The medal recently arrived and oh boy, is it shiny!


Bigfoot won the “IPPY” in the category of Graphic Novel, Humor/Cartoon. Here he is, as pleased as punch to be modeling the bauble.


While waiting for the fine folks at Independent Publisher to ship the medal, I put together a 2-page comic using an awards medal as my MacGuffin. You can view that comic here.

Bigfoot Snags A Bronze


I’m happy to announce my all-ages graphic novel, Untold Tales of Bigfoot, just earned a Bronze Medal in the category of Graphic Novel, Humor/Cartoon in the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Launched in 1996, The “IPPY” Awards are open exclusively to independent authors and publishers around the world. This year’s awards, the 21st annual IPPYs, drew almost 5,000 entries from around the globe.

Congratulations to all the other medalists in all the categories. -v

Wish On A Halloween Moon

Storybook. Art Book. Coloring Book.

Light the Jack-O’-Lanterns! I’m happy to announce the printing of Wish On A Halloween Moon, a collection of daily ink drawings I stitched together into a spooky story one cold, candle-lit October.


The Story

Henry’s family moves to a new town right before Halloween, and he doesn’t have time to make friends before the big night. Moping on the porch in his magician’s cape and top hat, an idea comes to him — he’ll make a magical wish on the Halloween moon!


And, as it often follows with these things, Henry’s wish comes true…but it unearths some very unexpected tricks and treats (what — like I wasn’t going to make a trick-or-treat reference in this post?).


As night falls, monsters of all shapes and sizes lurch, slither, and shamble out of the shadows to converge upon the unsuspecting newcomer. It’s a fun, sweet, spine-tingling tale perfect for a dark October evening.

The Art

Initially, Wish On A Halloween Moon was a chance to step away from a digital workflow and get back to traditional ink-on-paper illustration. The opportunity to scratch, hatch, and stipple on real paper with actual pen-and-ink was a nice departure. And the challenge of posting one ink drawing per day online that October (along with the narrative verse) kept things moving at a brisk pace, and infused the process with a mildly chaotic energy that kept things hopping.


Collecting these words and images in a printed volume is my way of documenting a challenging and enjoyable project, and a chance to share it with everyone else, whether or not they followed the original posts online.

The Color

You can read the story, enjoy the collection of illustrations, or — for an even more interactive experience —  dig out your colored pencils and crayons and color the book!


That’s right! Much like pumpkins can be used for making pies or projectiles, Wish On A Halloween Moon was designed with multiple applications in mind, not the least of which is a spooky-fun coloring book for kids and grown-ups who love Halloween and monsters.

Gimme Something Good

Available now in the Vince Dorse Online Store, Wish On A Halloween Moon is the second book published under my Long Lost Friend Studio imprint, contains 40 black-and-white pages, sells for a very reasonable $8.00 USD, and, as an extra treat, ships with a bookmark which can also be colored. No eggs on my door.

Freaky Fact: The table in the top photo once stood in the Thaw Mansion, a grand estate on Pittsburgh’s North Side. The house has a history of murder and intrigue, and is said to be haunted by Thaw’s widow, “The Gibson Girl.” Fun to think that the pedestal used for that spooky photo of Wish On A Halloween Moon once decorated an actual “haunted mansion.”