Minding My Own Beeswax

What happens when your teacher springs a last-minute talent showcase on the class and you have no idea what your talent is? Ask your cat for help, of course.


Phoebe and Beeswax: There’s No Beeswax Like Show Beeswax is the latest offering from Vince Dorse and Long Lost Friend Studios. It’s a 32-page, full-color story of Phoebe, who is dreading tomorrow’s lesson plan. Her teacher has announced a talent showcase, and Phoebe’s convinced she has no talent.


Luckily, she’s got her cat (and good friend), Beeswax to lean on for support. A confident feline, Beeswax is certain that if they work together, they can figure out what Phoebe’s talent is before the night is over.


Phoebe and Beeswax: There’s No Beeswax Like Show Beeswax is sort of a hybrid — laid out a bit like a children’s book, some pages have very sparse (or no) background art, and feature just a single character, expressing a simple thought. While other pages are stacked with comic book panels and sequential action.


The idea for the book began as an experiment with black-and-white mini-comics. A simple story in a simple format. But as it progressed, it became apparent that the characters and backgrounds would benefit greatly from a splash of color. And, so, the b/w mini-comic blossomed into a full-color, full-sized kid-lit story in comic book format.


Phoebe and Beeswax is an all-ages story that mixes laughs, action, and heart to explore the concepts of talent, perseverance, and friendship. The comic debuts at Baltimore Comic Con, Sept. 22-24 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Visit Table A-233 to pick up a copy.

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