Halloween Moon Rising Soon!

The next book to be released by Long Lost Friend Studio will be Wish On A Halloween Moon : An inky story for October by Vince Dorse.


Much like Untold Tales of Bigfoot, Wish On A Halloween Moon began as an experiment. Every year, during the month of October, people all over the world commit to doing one ink drawing a day as part of the Inktober challenge. In 2014, Vince played along, deciding on a theme of cute/creepy, middle-school monsters and posted them daily on social media.

But just drawing monsters wasn’t enough. So Vince added a short, narrative verse to accompany each illustration. And, as October rolled along, the daily posts were strung together into a simple children’s story that culminated on Halloween.

But Twitter and Facebook posts can scroll by in a heartbeat, and the original drawings would never realize their full potential stored in the dark recesses of the flat file drawers. So work began this year on a printed version that readers could hold in their hands.

The original art was scanned at high-resolution, the text was set, and the pages were laid out. The book is being printed locally, in Pittsburgh, and is very near completion. The proofs look good — nice, crisp blacks on bright, white, matte paper.

Vince will be promoting Wish On A Halloween Moon at conventions and book fairs this year. And part of the promotion will be color prints of some of the book’s pages.

The release date for Wish On A Halloween Moon has yet to be officially announced, but it should be sometime in the Spring of 2017. Watch this site and the @LLFStudio and @VinceDorse feeds on Twitter for news and updates.


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